The 1960's and 1970's

In 1962 Walter Edmondson purchased from Joe Dub (Blackfield) Blackfield Mounruad Velvet as an outcross.  Her dam was imported from Italy in whelp to the superb dog; International Dual Ch of France and italy, Barnabes De vales.  Velvet was mated to Crookrise Sensation, a CC and field trial winning son of Ch Crookrise Duncanson.  This litter produced one of the best ever brook bitches of Crookrise, field trial winner Crookrise Vogue.  1967 saw the untimely death of Walter Edmondson and he was never to see the influence that Vogue had on the kennel.  It was at this time that the Crookrise affix was transferred to Kitty Edmondson and her daughter, Cicely Robertshaw.

During 1978 Kitty and Cicely wrote the book "The Pointer" which, to this day, remains a valuable and much sought after guide to the breed and its history.

Crookrise Vogue was a great influence on future stock and her CC winning sons and daughters were; Ch Crookrise Freda, Ch Crookrise Return, Dalric Crookrise Galla, Sh Ch Dalric Crookrise Rosemary and Sh Ch Lufbra Crookrise Gaby.

Among her CC winning grandsons and granddaughters were Crookrise Coral, Sh Ch Crookrise Jewel, Crookrise Kwami and Ch Croorise Solitaire of Wyndsmoor.  She was also double great grandmother and great, great grandmother to Ch Crookrise Flint who is behind much of the Crookrise stock.  He was stud dog of the year in 1979 and 1980and is also the sire of field trial winners.  Many large offers were refused for Flint who was a special dog.  He was Best of Breed at Crufts in 1978.

One exceptional litter was bred from Flint and Vogue's daughter, Crookrise Gem.  This contained the lovely bitches, USA/Can Ch Crookrise Crystal who features strongly in the USA kennel Luftnase of Tom Bradley and Sh Ch Crookrise Jewel (Crufts CC winner).  Corollaries Ruby, dam of Sh Ch Crookrise Rio and Opal and Jade also played an important part in the breeding programme.

Another influential litter, sired by Flint out of a Vogue daughter contained Crookrise Firedancer, show and field trial winner and Australian and New Zealand Ch Crookrise Firebrand (Top Dog AllmBreeds Brazil).  Fire flicker was the only bitch ever to have produced two champions in the show ring - English Sh Ch and Australian Ch Crookrise Raw, Ch Crookrise Pace and Field Trial Ch Crookrise Rhythm.  She was also the dam of Crookrise Pepper, a show and field trial winner, who, in turn, sired champions and field trial winners.  In 1977 the time had come for another outcross.  Ft Ch Crookrise Rhythm was sired by Mrs P M Wood's field trial winner, Fearn Rhythm, a son of the Danish import Ellebaeks Nicki brought to this country by Patience Nicholson and Lady Jean Fforde.  Bred back on his dam's side to the famous Field Trial Ch Blackfield Gem wo also had two CC's to her credit. 

Ch Crookrise Flint - Best of Breed winner at Crufts 1978 and top stud dog 1979 and 1980
Shaping the Breed
Sh Ch & Braz Ch Crookrise Rio
 Crookrise Firedancer 
Crookrise Fireflicker 
Crookrise Firedragon
Crookrise Opal
(Crookrise Flint X Crookrise Gem)
Crookrise Sensation
Crookrise Vogue aged nine years
A young Helga Edmondson with Crookrise Fez who was sire of Crookrise Flicker and Firedragon
Chester Show - Crookrise Lynn (left) Res CC (Ch Crookrise Justin X Engset Pand with Cicely Robertshaw and Sh Ch Dalric Croorise Rosemary CC (Ch Crookrise Justin X Crookrise Vogue
Spanish and French Field Champion Fearn Rhythm
Dual Champion Barnabes de Vallesia